Screen Glasses

Screen Glasses protect your eyes from blue light radiation, which is important for everyone – even if you don’t have a prescription.

You probably need Screen Glasses

If you don’t have a prescription but work in front of a phone or computer all day, our Screen Glasses are for you.

They’re regular frames, fitted with non-prescription, Blue Light Filter lenses — blocking high energy radiation that’s emitted by digital screens and causes your eyes to feel overworked.

Give your eyes a rest

Blue light radiation is everywhere — it’s naturally emitted by the sun, but you take in a load of it from digital screens, too. The experts are still looking into whether it’s harmful, but it’s a fact that excess blue light causes increased light scatter, misfocused vision and generally uncomfortable eyes.

Luckily, we’ve got a solution for that. Our Blue Light Filter blocks 94% of those misbehaving rays, so you can spend a whole day behind your laptop and still keep your eyes feeling happy.

Get Screen Glasses today

Screen Glasses cost €110 and are available online or in store. Take them home on the same day (in store only) for an extra €25, too. If you’re buying online, select the Blue Light Filter option after choosing single or varifocal lenses. Easy.

Got a prescription?

There’s no need to feel left out. You can add our Blue Light Filter to your regular specs for €25. If you’re not sure whether you need glasses or not, find out by booking a free eye test.

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