Carbon Commitment

Ace & Tate is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. To solidify our ambitions, we declared a Climate Emergency in 2020 and set the goal to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. We’re currently working on our Climate Action Plan and have committed to setting Science-Based Targets to steer our ambitions forward.

What’s all the fuss about? Well, CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases (GHG) that absorbs radiation and prevents heat from escaping our atmosphere. It is a naturally occurring gas, as well as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels and biomass, land-use changes, and other industrial processes. Naturally, our planet keeps most of its natural occurring Co2 emissions in balance. Yet additional CO2 to the mix is something nature can’t balance. This excess heat creates disrupted weather patterns, higher global temperature averages, and other irreversible changes in the climate. This is why we’re taking climate action! 

We aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 by using a three-step approach. Firstly, we’ll measure our impact through our CO2 report and LCA, both used to quantify the footprint of our operations and frames. Then, to reduce our impact, we’ll set and act upon company-wide goals that are in line with the Science-Based Targets. Lastly, with our partner Trees for All, we’ll offset what we cannot yet reduce.

Science-Based Targets

Following our Climate Emergency Declaration, we are now joining The Science Based Targets initiative, a global movement leading the way to a zero-carbon economy. By committing to these Science-Based Targets, Ace & Tate ensures its GHG reduction targets are aligned with climate science.


Trees for All is a Dutch foundation whose mission is to push for a green and healthy planet by investing in sustainable forestry and partnering with companies to compensate for their CO2 emissions. You see, trees naturally sequester carbon during their growth and life. With these projects, Trees for All contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity, and better living conditions for local people. Just to be clear, offsetting is a countermove, not an excuse not to reduce emissions.

Carbon labels

On our product pages, you’ll find carbon labels with each frame. These numbers indicate the carbon footprint of a product, as calculated in our Life Cycle Assessment, and is the Co2 -eq measured from cradle (raw materials) to grave (end-of-life). We have conducted an LCA of key frame material categories which represent the scope of our collection, giving each product group its own footprint. This footprint is excluding the 1,1 kg Co2-eq footprint created by the ‘use phase’ of our frames, which is generated when customers clean and wash their glasses. To minimize this footprint, which accounts for 20% of the total impact, we advise you to use our bio-based cleaning kit instead of warm water. 

Download LCA

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