Our approach to reducing our environmental footprint is by measuring impact, setting goals to reduce our impact, collaborating and engaging, and communicating transparently.

Since 2018, we commission annual CO2 and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Reports to understand our footprint and use it as a benchmark for change. Since then, we were able to reduce our the direct Co2 impact of our operations by 62% regardless of growth and the average carbon footprint of our frames by 18%. 


CO2 Report

This report measures the overall carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gases (CO2-eq) emitted by us per year. It comes from locations we operate directly, like our HQ and retail stores, but also from business-related travel.

In 2020, an average frame’s emissions equals: 4.30 kg Co2-eq

86 cups of coffee or almost 3 t-shirts

Our direct operations emitted 209.65 tons of CO2-eq in 2020, which equals:

230 return flights from Amsterdam to New York or 6,551 pairs of jeans


The LCA measures the damaging effect of a frame’s entire life cycle, from raw material to the moment it’s thrown away. It doesn’t involve the user phase, or non-direct emissions, such as business travel and it analyses 5 metrics: CO2-eq, toxicity, phosphate, use of non-renewable resources and use of water. 

We measure the impact of our five different types of frames, to cover the full scope of our collection. Virgin acetate, bio acetate, recycled acetate, titanium, stainless steel, and the clip-on.


The bigger we get, the more CO2 we’ll emit, which is why implement a like-for-like methodology in our reporting. This for example means we track the average emissions per frame, by dividing our overall emissions by the sales amount of the year. This way, we decouple our emissions from our growth, allowing us to focus on reduction on a relative scale.

We’re constantly implementing changes, you can read more about it on the Company page.

*Carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gases

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