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Appelsap, Amsterdam’s freshest music festival, is just around the corner and you may have heard that we’ve been doing some pretty cool stuff with them. To continue our budding relationship, promoting up-and-coming talent performing at the festival, we’ve asked three artists to create guest mixes for our Sounds series.

First up is Sandor Dayala. The youngster is originally from The Hague and is a recent newbie on the scene. Don’t let his youth fool you though: this guy is making big noise in the music world already. Perfect for long summer nights, his mix is laced with smooth R’n’B, hip hop bangers and the hottest grime tracks. Take a listen, we bet you’ll be bouncing in no time.


Please describe yourself in three words

Energetic, eager & open minded.

What is the last track you listened to

Pop Smoke - Welcome to The Party

Tell us about the mix you recorded

I tried to combine a lot of vibes that I’m listening to right now. A little bit of (UK) hip hop, some American Trap & a few afro, dancehall tracks. It was the first real mixtape that I ever made (besides some radio shows), so it was a whole new experience. 

Firstly, I collected a lot of tracks and then I started creating mixes. It was a little difficult to combine so many genres in one mix, but it worked out in the end. I recorded it at Radio Radio in Amsterdam.

The Appelsap x Ace & Tate collaboration is all about Amsterdam and London, do you have a special connection to either city?

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for a few months now and I really like all the new influences the city brings me. I meet a lot of new people and it feels like more people understand what I do here, because they’re more open-minded. 

I went to London for the first time with Appelsap, to play at Corsica Studios and it was an amazing experience. I really want to go back and discover more about the city and the night life.

What do you think makes Appelsap stand out from the abundance of festivals out there?

I think Appelsap is all about looking forward while also not forgetting the past. The organisation books acts that are already famous, but they also give new talents a chance to do their thing. That’s why the festival speaks to a large audience. 

I think it’s very important, especially in the time/world we live in, that we look further than the mainstream acts and give underground hip hop enough chances, to keep the culture alive.

What are you most looking forward to at Appelsap?

I’m very excited to perform! I’m looking forward to seeing all the acts perform and be a part of the festival that I used to attend as a music-lover.

Check out our collab with Appelsap, including a collection of limited edition sunnies here.

If you want to hear more of Sandor’s mixes and own music, take a look at his Soundcloud.