Ace & Tate didn’t set out to be a ‘sustainable company’ when it was founded. However, seeing the waste generated in our supply chain and realizing every lens we cut and frame we produce comes at an environmental cost made us realise our unintended impact.

We decided we could and should do better, for our planet and people. And so our responsibility journey began. We not only wanted to sell great eyewear at transparent prices but also be a driver for positive change in the eyewear industry. 

We strive to create a positive impact in the community, reducing our footprint, improving our value chain, designing and building stores responsibly, looking after our customers, and establishing recycling initiatives. We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and we are openly committed to finding the smartest solutions to create a more planet-friendly and socially responsible product.

We consider the journey to sustainability a marathon, not a sprint, and we look forward to sharing with you the steps we take to get there.

There are four areas we’re tackling where we can make the most change: Supply Chain, Product, HQ and Retail —  read more about what we’re doing in the pages ahead.

We’ve set some goals — some short term, some all the way up to 2030. They’re going to evolve and change as the industry does, but you can see some of them here already.

If you’re hungry to dive deeper into the subject, check out our blog on Medium.

We’re working on it.

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