Tips for using daily contact lenses

When inserting, wearing and removing Contacts, it’s super important to take care of your eye health. Here are some of the most important pointers.


Keep ‘em clean — wash and dry your hands before use!
Create a routine — always start with the same eye.
Hydrate with contact lens friendly, preservative-free eye drops.
Switch it up — alternate glasses & Contacts.
Have a regular Optician check-up.
Set a reminder to order a new pack.
Recycle the plastic box when done.
Enjoy! We’re sure you’ll <3 our Contacts.


Sleep in your Contacts.
Expose your Contacts to water, ever!
Reuse them — ours are daily, single-use only.
Wear them if your eyes feel sore or look red.
Insert Contacts over the sink.
Use a Contact you have dropped — bin it!
Wear Contacts for longer than recommended by your Optician.
Lend your Contacts to a friend — yuck :(

Contacts FAQs

Do Contacts hurt?
No, you shouldn’t even be able to feel them! But, if you ever experience discomfort/pain or redness from wearing Contacts, remove them immediately and seek medical advice from your Optician or doctor.
Are contact lenses bad for my eyes?
As long as you look after them properly, no. Make sure you keep Contacts (and your eyes and hands) clean and dry when handling them and don’t wear them more than once. Also, it’s good to take a break from Contacts every now and then, as your eyes can get dry from a lot of wear. Take them out an hour or two before bedtime, or earlier if they feel especially dry. Generally speaking, it’s good to have at least one rest day per week — wear your glasses instead.
Can I hurt my eye when inserting Contacts?
If you follow the rules, it’s unlikely — the lenses themselves are too soft to harm your eyes. But keep your nails short and take your time. It can be weird at first to see your own finger approaching your eye but after a while, it’s easy as pie.
Can they get stuck at the back of my eye?
Although they cannot go behind the eyes, a loose-fitting Contact may ride up under the eyelid and get lodged there — in this case you will usually feel it. Try moving your eyeball with closed eyes, to help it re-centre. If you continue to have trouble removing the Contact, you should consult an Optician or doctor for immediate help.
Can Contacts scratch the surface of my eye?
Our daily Contacts are too soft to cause any damage, but dirt or grit under a lens can cause painful scratches. If this happens, remove the lens immediately and wear your glasses for the rest of that day. If your eye becomes increasingly red and painful after removal, seek immediate help from your Optician or doctor.
Can they get stuck to my eye?
If your eyes are really dry, it can feel like your Contacts are stuck to your eyes. Don’t panic — wet your eyes with some hydrating eye drops (reminder: never use water) and try again. If this is a recurring issue, make an appointment with your Optician to check that the lens fitting is okay.
Can I sleep in Contacts?
Never. It’s really bad for your eyes and can result in permanent eye damage.
Can I reuse my Contacts?
No, our Contacts are dailies, which means you can only wear them once. Even if you take it out for a minute, you cannot use the same Contact again — once they’re out, they belong in the bin.

Try them for (almost) free

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