All Eyes On Pride

As we celebrate Pride across Europe, we’re taking a moment to provide three inspiring voices with a platform to discuss fundamental issues that impact the LGBTQI+ community. As we listen and learn, we invite you to join us and do the same.
Tune in to hear each of our guests speak in a series of &Talks with our host journalist Mark Smith, which will be available to live stream via Facebook Live.

Meet our three speakers

Maud Wiemeijer is an established Dutch screenwriter who stresses the importance of accurate representation of the community. Her recent works include the Netflix featured series, Anne+. Maud’s talk will examine cultural representation, how we might challenge media narratives, and character development in her own work.
Charlie Craggs is a 27-year-old trans activist from London and founder of Nail Transphobia. She recently made it onto The Guardian's New Radicals list coming number 1 in their list of Britain's best social enterprises. Charlie will be speaking about Trans activism and the ongoing fight for human rights. She will also dive into some practical tips on how to be a better ally to the Trans community.
Naomie Pieter is the organiser of the first Black Pride NL, co-founder of The Black Queer Archives and Black Queer & Trans Resistance — plus chairperson at Women’s March Netherlands. She pushes for the emancipation of the black LGBTQI+ community. Naomie will be focusing on how we can effectively mobilise and organise our communities, as well as give meaning to the term, “intersectional activism”.

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