Capture summer on 35mm

Get a limited disposable camera for free with your sunnies purchase this summer.
Drop off your memory-filled camera at Safelight Berlin, and we’ll develop your film for free.
Probably got the hots for our limited disposable camera now, huh? Our tips and tricks will make sure you make the most of your film:

1. Are you a Helmut Newton or an Ansel Adams?

You don’t have to be either, of course — but it is essential that you know what kind of photography you want to do. Fashion, portraiture, landscape — the world is your oyster. Try some things and figure out what you prefer.

2. Good exposure triangle — good pics

The exposure triangle covers the basics: ISO, aperture (f/stops), and shutter speed. You need a higher ISO, slower shutter speed, and wider aperture if you want a lighter frame.

3. Framing, composition

Your pics will always look brilliant if the main subject is centred or placed at the intersections of the 3:3 grid lines. You can also use natural lines, especially when photographing architecture.

4. Check your Nana

Rummage through your grandma’s basement, and if you’re lucky, you might find some old film rolls. Depending on how old the film is and how it was stored, your pics can come out with unexpected colours or other extraordinary visual defects.

5. Start with cheap film and cameras

Your first camera shouldn’t cost a fortune. Get yourself a solid but affordable 35mm or 120 camera, or ask your parents if they have an old camera lying around.
The same rule applies to film: save up the expensive film stock for your masterpieces.

Now it's your turn

To celebrate our collab, we're giving you the chance to win a summerlicious goodie bag! Brighten up your days with carefully selected items, including: Brighten up your days with carefully selected items, including:
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