Our Ski Goggles are here. With a sleek, minimal design, interchangeable lenses and crystal clear optics, they're all you really need to look good on the slopes —
or at Après Ski.
AT Sport LP Product 2700X2160PX-(1)
AT Sport LP Product 2700X2160PX-(2)
AT Sport LP Product 2700X2160PX-(3)
AT Sport 1 1800X1980PX
AT Sport 1 1800X1620PX

Interchangeable lenses

Each style comes with an extra amber lens — so you're prepared for all weather conditions. An easy click-in system allows you to swiftly swap your lens when the clouds appear.
AT Sport 2 1800X1980PX
AT Sport 2 1800X2620PX

Crystal clear optics

All our lenses offer 100% UV protection, especially important up in the mountains. They're also double-layered, meaning they won't fog as easily as single-layered lenses.
AT Sport 3 1800X1980PX
AT Sport 3 1800X1620PX

Peak style & comfort

Built to be strong, lightweight, fit comfortably with an adjustable strap and above all, look good. Eddie's got a minimal, sleek design that says I know what I'm doing.

Our lenses explained

All three ski goggles work for bright days, but the lens type differs slightly. Here's what you can keep in mind — besides liking the look, that's important too.
AT Sport LP Product 2 2700X2160PX-(1)


Our silver mirror lens cuts glare and offers great optics for bright, sunny days.
AT Sport LP Product 2 2700X2160PX-(3)

Swiss Blue

This style has a blue mirror lens, also cutting glare. It's a great match for bright light days as well as partly clouded skies.
AT Sport LP Product 2 2700X2160PX-(2)

Piste Black

This lens has no mirror and is best for the brightest of blue-bird days. Avoid using this lens in flat light conditions and during night skiing.
AT Sport LP Product 2 2700X2160PX-(4)

Extra lens: Amber

Each style comes with an Amber lens, which you can easily switch to in overcast, cloudy and low-light conditions.

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