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Fit & Care


Do you feel great in them? In our opinion, that’s what truly matters. However, if you still need a little more assurance, there are a few basic rules which you can follow in order to find the perfect pair of glasses for you:

  • Your pupils look through the middle of the lens

  • The lenses are not much wider than your face

  • The frame does not sit in front of your eyebrows, so you can still see all of your facial expressions

  • The glasses should not slide off your nose

To help you with your decision, you can check out our size guide here.

If you're still not sure, then head over to your nearest Ace & Tate and our team will be happy to make some suggestions for you.

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One of the kindest things we can do for our planet is to make the most of what we already have. For us, that means extending the life of our frames by giving our glasses another chance to shine with Reframe. Great quality eyewear at a lower environmental cost.

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