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Giving Goggles

We did it! With your help, we’re donating over 15,000 pairs of safety goggles to frontline medical workers and volunteers in Europe. In fact, some of your contributions have already reached the people who need them most.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative — we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved together.

What happens now? 

  • As of 13th May, we’ve placed three orders 
of safety goggles, each consisting of 5,000 pieces. For the past few weeks, our manufacturing partner has been busy producing the safety goggles and shipping them across Europe.
  • The first batch of goggles has already been delivered to the Red Cross in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. The second round is on its way to Germany and Spain and a third lot is being produced and will be sent to Doctors Without Borders ASAP.
  • We’re placing our fourth order soon, but the international crisis has caused logistical setbacks (put simply, long ass delivery times). We’ll keep 
you posted, so check here for updates.

Still keen to donate?

Not all good things must come to an end.
You can continue to donate via our website whether you’re purchasing our products or not. Let’s keep giving goggles to those who need them!

Donate 1 goggle

Donate 3 goggles

Donate 5 goggles

Donate 10 goggles

Donate 100 goggles

Donate 500 goggles

Ways to give goggles:

You can donate goggles in various packs.

You can add extra goggles onto your existing order.

Stay tuned for updates on how many pairs we’ve donated, or keep an eye on our live tracker.

Why safety goggles?

The spread of COVID-19 affects all of us. Internationally, there are shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers and volunteers, who are risking their lives on a daily basis to care for us. An important part of PPE is safety goggles, shielding the eyes from contact with the virus.

As a response to this shortage, we are working with our key suppliers to manufacture and donate safety goggles. We're collaborating with regional Red Cross entities and local government organisations in order to get them to frontline medical workers and volunteers in Europe.

More questions? Our FAQs should have them covered.

We know that coming together in times like these can make all the difference — that’s why we’re asking for support from our community. Donate some goggles so we can protect those in need — let’s see if we can double or even triple our pledge!

Let’s give goggles!

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