Show’s over, dry eyes

If the drama of modern life leaves your eyes feeling itchy, scratchy and irritated, it’s time to grab a tissue. Take a bow dry eyes, the show’s over.

Tips for A-list eyes

In a recent survey, 89% of you told us that you find yourselves in front of screens for long periods daily, be it for work or pleasure. When we use screens, our eyes overfocus, we blink less and our natural tear film evaporates.
Throw in the added irritants of air conditioning, contact lenses and summer allergens, and our eyes soon become the victims of a horror story worthy of the big screen.
Keep yours on the best-dressed list by following these tips:

Blink and you’ll miss it

When we blink, our eyelids secrete a thin layer of tears, which coat the surface of our eyes and keep them soothed and hydrated. You’re meant to be doing it once every three or four seconds, if you’re counting.
Blinking, check. But what else helps?

Screen Glasses

Whether the silver screen or your iPhone, digital displays emit high-energy blue light rays that scatter in all directions. Our eyes find blue light rays hard to process, resulting in misfocused (blurry) vision. Block 94% of these high-energy rays by adding a Blue Light Filter to your prescription or non-prescription glasses.

Take a break from Contacts

Like any good rom-com, there’s a break-up in this story. Contact lenses are wonderful additions to your eye care routine, but too much of anything is never good — wearing lenses for more than 6-8 hours a day can leave your eyes feeling irritable. So take a breather, try something new for a bit. Can we introduce you to our friend, glasses?

Shield in sunglasses

With the dreamy summer season comes a whole lotta pollen and, hay fever veterans, we feel your pain — red and weeping eyes don’t look cute on camera. Oversized sunglasses will not only allow you to slip under the radar, they’ll also help to shield your eyes from pesky airborne pollen. They’ll block 100% of UV rays, too.

Hydrate with eye drops

The star of the show, meet our Everyday Eye Drops. This preservative-free solution contains naturally-occurring hyaluronic — an amino acid — which is the crème de la crème name on the hydration circuit. Apply a couple of drops at regular intervals throughout the day, for instant soothing and nourishment.
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