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Up next in our mixtape series in collaboration with Appelsap, it’s Jerrausama — Amsterdam’s fresh young DJ and passionate music enthusiast. Packed with lo-fi house, some future funk, and a healthy dose of underground R&B, rest assured, this mix was made for dancing (at the park). Summer ain’t over yet!


Please describe yourself in three words

Open. Energetic. Playful.

What is the last track you listened to

Solange - Almeda

Please tell us about the mix you recorded

Ghamte (manager & booker) and I were on a call and had an interesting conversation as usual. After that call, I knew where I was heading to with the mix. I wanted to do a cozy house mix, something you can listen while you are chilling at the park during the summer. I recorded the mix at my friend’s place, Quinty, shoutout to her!

This Appelsap + Ace & Tate collaboration is all about Amsterdam and London, do you have a special connection to either or both of the cities?

I have a very special connection to Amsterdam. I grew up for the most part on the westside, my first gig was in this city, my first booking at Appelsap Festival in 2018, being the support act of Sam Gellaitry in the Melkweg. Amsterdam made me who I am as a DJ now and will always influence me. 

When I was a baby I used to live in Surrey. I don’t remember much of that time but I always wanted to go back because I think their nightlife and music scene is interesting.

What do you think makes Appelsap stand out from the abundance of festivals out there?

I consider Appelsap as a culture hip-hop-based festival. The lineup is ahead of its time, I mean Funkineven and Tommy Wright — III that’s just crazy. Having the guts to include names like that in this competitive festival environment, that’s brave. Nowadays, I feel like everything is about the hype. That is why I think Appelsap stands out.

If you were to magically transform into one of Ace & Tate’s frames, which pair would you pick and why? 

The thin ones cuz I gotta go FAST! 

Do you have any gigs, projects or releases coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

I recently had dope gigs — my first international club booking in Paris, radioshow at Hotel Radio Paris and the So Much Fun hosting at Woo Hah. For upcoming gigs and projects, check me out at @jerrausama. I also have monthly curated playlist on Spotify called SAMA FM.

Check out our collab with Appelsap, including a collection of limited edition sunnies here.

If you want to hear more of Jerrausama's mixes and own music, take a look at his Soundcloud.