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Everyone, get acquainted with Melbourne native, DJ and producer Bell Towers, real name Rohan Bell-Towers. Now based in Berlin (he made a record about his move), the NTS Dance Music Show host is known for his wonderfully cheesy, dreamy 80s pop sounds. You might also appreciate the fact that he loves to ride electric scooters, and his partner in crime is a poodle called Serge, whose balls are all over Instagram. Get on your dancing shoes and tune in to enjoy some downtempo Italo, groovy acid tracks and 80s pop (hi Hall & Oates).

Hi Roman, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Rohan Bell-Towers, born in Melbourne, Australia, 1986, currently reside in Berlin. I DJ and produce music under the name Bell Towers.

What do you recommend we do whilst listening to your mixtape?

Try on some new frames….

What would the soundtrack of your life be like?

Maybe a pompous Michael Nyman score dropping on cue every time I open the cupboard door - accompanying the procrastination-driven snacking that largely consumes the afternoon hours of my working week.

What are you listening to lately?

Matthew Herbert & Dani Siciliano’s So Now 12” from 1998, and Andras’ forthcoming debut album on Beat’s In Space, Joyful.

Where do you discover new music?

Lately the most exciting discoveries have come from FM radio retro hits type channels while travelling abroad. I love the diversity of Europe — a huge hit in Germany may be relatively unknown in Italy and vice-versa. Having grown up in Australia and not being exposed to some 80s euro hits the first time around, allows me certain indulgences that other more local DJs may not feel so comfortable with.

Any exciting plans for 2020?

Yeah! I have an album coming out late winter.

In the spirit of our new brand mantra, ‘Take Another Look’: how do you see the world?

Full of possibilities!

What’s your poodle Serge’s favourite song?

Poodles are pretty cultured but honestly I don’t think they listen to music.