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Get ready to get weird: we’re ringing in the new year with Daniel Baughman, who first caught our eye at Dekmantel this summer. Alongside doing A&R at John Talabot's label, Hivern Discs, he also curates the line ups for Barcelona's audiophile listening bar Nica and is part of Magic Teapot Records. Phew, now you can tell why it took us so long to get a hold of him. 

As for the mix, expect the unexpected. Daniel’s known for his eclectic music choices, carving out his very own genre which defies definition. As the man himself says: best listened to without distractions — peace.

Hi Daniel, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Daniel Baughman. I’ve been part of a label based in Barcelona called Hivern Discs for more than 10 years now. I curate the musical content at a Listening Bar called Nica. I DJ and collect music. I also experiment with a modular synthesiser system I’ve been building for the past three years. Other than that I like boxing with my friend Carlos, swimming, drinking wine and spending time with plants and animals; especially dogs.

What do you recommend we do whilst listening to your mixtape?

Do absolutely nothing but listen :) Be present. Listen to this mix in the same way it was conceived.

What’s your process to create a mix like this? 

I rip records, tapes and CDs I've collected. I also dig a bit online, but not too much. While I rip, I spend time with that music, I understand it and ultimately I feel I somehow become a part of it. Once I connect with that music, I feel I’m ready to put it together in a personal way. And then I spend way too much time mixing it. 

We just celebrated Christmas. What’s your favourite Christmas song? 

I’m not very knowledgeable on Christmas music, but there’s this Taeko Ohnuki track called ‘Inori’ on a Japanese compilation which I find beautiful. A gloomy, pristine Christmas carol. The artwork on the record is rad too.

NYE must be a big night for you. Are you partying, or working and where? 

I normally go out of town for NYE, I think it’s actually one of the worst nights to go out in Barcelona to be honest, maybe even worse than during Sónar week. My ideal NYE scenario is to chill with friends out of the city. If there are dogs around then that’s a big plus. 

I honestly can’t remember the last NYE night that I DJ’ed for money. However, this year I will stay and play at Nica with a bunch of amazing local DJs. We like to book only local talent for NYE at Nica.

Tell us about a musician/DJ you’re into at the moment.

Not Waving, Kali Malone, Tarta Ralena, Arnau Obiols Campi, Jane Fitz, Spekki & Woody, Oceanic, DJ Sundae… so many! Last week’s LAUT event in Barcelona with Suzanne Ciani and Eva Geist was pretty amazing.

What’s been your favourite song to play this year? 

I have fond memories of a couple times this year when I closed my sets with ‘Puppy Love’ by Erika de Casier. I kinda like the idea of mellow pop or R&B closing a long, trippy electronic set. 

I played Uri’s white label remix of Marie Davidson in almost every set since he sent me a demo that was ready to play out, and literally killed it every time.

Donato’s own rework of ‘Parola’ with Anna Caragnano on Spazio Disponibile has also been quite remarkable on different occasions. Whether I started my set with it, dropped it half way through or used it as a closing track, it always brought a sense of transcendence and intimacy to the room that’s hard to put into words. Bravo Donato.

In the spirit of our brand mantra, ‘Take Another Look’: how do you see the world? 

I see a crucial moment in history where our entire system is collapsing. We’re going to suffer and deep within that suffering I see a huge opportunity, It’s going to be really challenging at times, but I can’t wait for it to happen.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Mmm many, like every year. To name a few:

Start saving for once in my life. Stop paying abusive rent in the centre of the city and find my own place. Start recording my modular patches. Spend more time in silence. Practice the skill of letting go as much as possible. And go deeper in my relationship with the vegetal, animal and mineral world.