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To wrap up our mixtape series with Appelsap, we welcome Amsterdam club-favourite EYCEE up to the stage. Growing up listening to hip-hop and inspired by riddim-driven music, his energy-filled sets greatly represent the current sound of his city. The one you’re about to listen to is an AMS VS LONDON mix, most of the artists featured being from both cities, and includes a little breakbeat, some classic jackin house vibes, UK house and a little garage. Alright, over to you, EYCEE…


Please describe yourself in three words

Go-getter, open-minded, free spirit. (not really 3 words)

What is the last track you listened to

Blue Alley – Ge-Ology (feat Yukimi Nagano)

Please tell us about the mix you recorded

I recorded this mix at Radio Radio, Westerpark. I’ve tried to involve Amsterdam/London sounds as much as possible, to reflect the vibes of your London x Amsterdam for Appelsap collection.  Most of the artists in the mix are either from the Netherlands or the UK, or live in Amsterdam or London. I wanted to incorporate this concept in the mix without having to compromise my sound.

I like to play and mix a lot of different genres and keep things interesting. Firstly for myself, but also for the people I’m dj-ing for.

You’ll catch Dutch or Dutch based artists in the mix like: Beesmunt Soundsystem, Vincent-Paolo, Martyn, Lyzza, Breach, Fraxinus and Myself. Most of the other artists are UK–Based.

Do you have a special connection to either London or Amsterdam or both?

I do have a special connection to both cities. Amsterdam is the city I love, live, eat, and breath in. Also I organized my first club nights here and to be honest, Amsterdam made me who I am today. 

What’s happening in London (and in surrounding areas) always inspires me the most musically. I draw strongly towards the bassier, hard hitting and more percussional club sounds. Also I’m a big UK Funky and Garage lover.

I’ve also released my ‘Delicate Drippin’ EP on London-based record label, Sans Absence, last year.

What do you think makes Appelsap stand out from the abundance of festivals out there?

I think Appelsap has remained progressive and creative in the acts they book. Without always booking the obvious names, they still make it a festival that’s worth visiting and you’re always able to experience some new acts/dj’s you’ve never seen before or even heard of.

If you were to magically transform into one of Ace & Tate’s frames, which pair would you pick and why? 

The Apra, because I like going big on things and I mostly shop for glasses at the women’s section.

Do you have any gigs, projects or releases coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

The last track of my Valuables EP entitled: Love & BS is releasing on the 16th of August. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that one. We’re currently also looking to shoot a video for it.

Follow me on social @eyceepayme and make sure you check my bi-monthly show at Red Light Radio!

Thanks to Ace & Tate and Appelsap. See you this Saturday!

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If you want to hear more of EYCEE's mixes and own music, take a look at his Soundcloud.