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With summer in full swing, we’re coming at you with another guest mix, by Dutch boy wonder, Nathan Homan. We first crossed paths with Nathan when he played at the opening of our store in Groningen, where he is the youngest resident of club night, KopjeK. His influences are broad, thanks to growing up amongst music lovers, and he’s already making major waves in the scene, despite his tender years.

This mix is best suited for listening while letting your mind wander, so put those earphones in and we’ll see you on the next astral plane.

Hi Nathan, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi there! Well yes of course I can; my name is Nathan Homan, I’m a DJ and producer from Groningen. I’m currently studying at the Academy of Popular Culture in Leeuwarden and working at Deeptrax Records.

What’s the last track you listened to (today)?

That must be Dominance and Submission by Blue Öyster Cult.

How do you approach recording a mix like this one in terms of preparation, recording itself, etc?

Well, it starts with me getting completely insane inside of my head. Making a mix can really be hard if you have to choose between so many songs that good musicians have provided us over the years. 

I always start by looking through records I’ve just purchased and after that, records that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. Then, I will look on my computer for songs that I just made and in the end, I scroll through the other songs in my library. 

I make sure that at a certain point, my ‘pre-selected folder’ is filled with enough happiness to make a podcast. At that point, it’s pretty much just improvising to see whatever turns out.

What’s the perfect activity to do while listening to your mix?

In my opinion, this mix will fulfill your dreams if you’re traveling by yourself in the train, bus, car or whatever kind of vehicle transportation device you find yourself in. Just stare out of the window and let your mind flow along.

Can you give us some tips for a great night out in Groningen?

Well, yes I can definitely do that! At the beginning of the night, you have to make sure you eat well and drink a few beverages before hitting the city. Bar Smoke or Achterwerk provide the perfect ‘hang’ before the madness starts. 

Afterwards make sure to go to a party at KopjeK, OOST or Paradigm. I have my own residencies at KopjeK and OOST, so it’s easy to say both feel pretty much like home to me.

We’ve heard you’re from a pretty musical family. How does this influence your work?

That’s right, my father used to be a DJ back in the day. He also worked at several Hi-Fi stores in and around Groningen. So, from my first day on earth, my ears would be pleased with sounds coming from the best musical source you can imagine. 

This helped me to create a pretty broad, genre-crossing musical taste that my brother helped me grow even more. My brother is the one that got me into the deeper electronic genres. 

In my opinion, my family has been the biggest influence on my work, because if I had a dad that didn’t play records when he was younger, I don’t know what kind of things I would listen to now.

Any upcoming releases planned?

Actually, yes! I just started my own label called KopjeK Records and the first release will be an EP from me, with two remixes from Tjade and Mathijs Smit. 

I also just went for a week to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere with Mathijs and we recorded an album. More on that later.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to make this podcast!