Polarised Sunglasses

Say buh-bye to pesky glare with our Polarised Lenses.

Get rid of glare

Ever struggled to see on a sunny day, even when you’re wearing sunglasses? You might like our Polarised Lenses.

Polarised Lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces (e.g. water, snow or car windshields). When light travels, it scatters in multiple directions. But when it hits a flat, reflective surface, light bounces off in a straight, horizontal direction — also known as polarisation.

The glare caused by polarisation is hard on our eyes and can also make it difficult to see.

A high-tech filter

Our Polarised Lenses have a super thin (0.1mm) laminated film embedded in them, which creates the polarising filter. It’s made of special chemical bonds that cover the entire lens in a vertical pattern.

The vertically-oriented filter tackles horizontally travelling light pretty effectively, by reorganising its course of direction — a bit like using a window blind. Good analogy, right? It means your eyes won’t need to strain, so you’ll see everything more clearly and colours more vividly.

Working with one of the world’s leading lens suppliers, we’re able to guarantee a 98% polarisation efficiency with our Polarised Lenses. And just like our regular sunglasses, they come with a scratch resistant coating and offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.

Eliminate glare

Ease eye strain

Improve colour perception

Increase visual clarity

Core colours

Our Polarised Lenses come in green, grey and brown. The colour of your Polarised Lenses will be determined by the specific frame you choose — they’re not interchangeable, sorry. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you want to confirm the colour of your lenses before you order.

Upgrade your sunglasses

You can add Polarised Lenses to non-prescription, Single Vision and Varifocal Sunglasses — they cost an additional $75 — within these prescription parameters:

  • Single Vision: -10 to +8 dioptres, with a CYL of -6.
  • Varifocals: -10 to +8 dioptres, with a CYL of -4.

Polarised Lenses cannot be teamed with our Premium Lenses, sunglasses with gradient lenses, or purchased via our Same Day Glasses service.

Try our Polarised Lenses if:

  • Your eyes are sensitive to light (think eye strain, or migraines).
  • You’re outdoors a lot — i.e. sailing, fishing or hiking.
  • You often drive in wet and sunny conditions.

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