Prescription Checker

If you have glasses and want to check the correction in your lenses, meet our Prescription Checker. Scan your glasses using your smartphone and, hey presto — we’ll confirm your prescription values.

Ready? Download the app:

When it’s installed, get ready to begin on your computer:

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It’s easy to get started. You’ll need the following:

A desktop computer or laptop, A smartphone, The glasses you want to measure, A standard size magnetic card (like a credit card)

So, how does it work?

  1. Using the app, sync your phone with your computer. Then, use your phone to scan the lenses of your glasses.
  2. After a few magical moves, we’ll identify your prescription values and save them to your online account.
  3. Use your newly-discovered prescription to go forth and shop new glasses — it’s that simple.
This tool is handy for most single vision glasses wearers and means you don’t need to get an eye test before you find yourself some new specs.

Sorry, but this tool isn’t suitable if you:

  1. Have a prescription outside -6.00 and +3.00 dioptres, or a cylinder above -2.50.
  2. Have glasses that are two years old or more.
  3. Wear varifocal glasses.

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