Vision Screener

Check your visual acuity (sharpness) with our online Vision Screener — offered in partnership with easee — to discover if you need glasses or a prescription update.

Have you eagle-eyes, or do you struggle to see beyond the end of your nose?

With our convenient Vision Screener, you can check if your prescription glasses are working hard for you. Or, if you don’t wear glasses, assess whether it’s time to book a free eye test.


What you’ll need:
  • A computer or laptop
  • A mobile phone device
  • 3m distance between your screen and self
  • Your glasses, if you wear them

Suitable for everyone:
  • Those without a prescription (no glasses)
  • Those wearing single vision glasses
  • Those wearing varifocal glasses

Note: If wearing varifocal glasses, please know that the Vision Screener will only assess your long distance vision, not your near distance vision.