Wanna get to know us a little better? Our team let us in on a few things, including what frames they can’t live without. Turns out they’ve got great taste. 


Internal Logistics Coordinator
Patient. Creative. Fun.
When not working, Hoyin dances hip-hop. He eats cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he can make his ears move (it’s true, we’ve seen him do it).
Carter Sage
Allen Golden Brown


Loyalty Manager

Crazy. Cat. Lady.
Marijke enjoys working out and running Henk’s (her cat) Instagram page. She has also recently started making sourdough bread, and she does it whilst sipping on natural wine.
Elton Satin Gold
Mia Marmalade

“I have the Neil Large in Matte Black and the Hudson in Sugar Man, they’re both classic. What can I say, I'm a classic guy."

Elmar, Assistant Store Manager


Assistant Store Manager
Tall. Funny. Weird.
Elmar is into photography, film and art direction, so naturally he refers to himself as a “basic Amsterdam hipster guy”.
Neil Large Matte Black
Hudson Sugar Man

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Owen Tigerwood
Stef Red Velvet
Easton Crystal
Wilson Tigerwood

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