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Premium Lenses

Ultra-thin with superior coatings — our finest lenses yet. For just $50 above the price of any frame. Upgrade now.

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Experience an advanced lens in an ultra-thin size. Lightweight with upgraded coatings — available for all prescriptions.


Repels water, dust and dirt — for effortless wear and care.


The slimmest lens you can get — for the 
lightweight experience you’ve always wanted.


Protects your lens from minor scratches — for superior durability and crisp, clear vision.


Eliminates glare from the front and back of your lens — improve your vision and your look.

Our thinnest lenses yet

Say goodbye to bulky lenses and that annoying nose slip — Premium Lenses are so thin, you won't even notice them.

Defogs faster

Quickly removes condensation, so nothing blocks your view 
while you play the field.


You cannot hand-pick coatings and lens indexes. But don't worry — we always make sure that you receive the thinnest lens possible with your prescription.

Premium Lenses are available for all prescription but are required for prescriptions of +/- 6.25 dioptres or higher. If you’re not sure what your prescription is, get a free eye test or reach out to our customer experience team, we’ll be happy to help!

All our frames are compatible with Premium Lenses. Please note that our Blue Light Filter is not compatible with the thinnest lens index.

How to add Premium Lenses

To get Premium Lenses, simply choose the frame(s) of your liking and select the Premium Lens option while adding the product to your basket. Easy as that!

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One of the kindest things we can do for our planet is to make the most of what we already have. For us, that means extending the life of our frames by giving our glasses another chance to shine with Reframe. Great quality eyewear at a lower environmental cost.

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