Reglaze Your Glasses

If you love your Ace & Tate frames, but the lenses are broken, scratched or outdated, you can get them reglazed. We'll replace the lenses in your existing frames with new prescription lenses, for less than it costs to buy new glasses.

Reasons to reglaze your glasses

  • Your lenses are scratched?

We coat all our lenses with a protective layer but, over time and through wear, you’ll probably scratch your lenses (who hasn’t dropped their specs a few times?) Learn how to extend their life here

But, if your scratched lenses are affecting your vision, we suggest you get them reglazed. Your eyes will thank you.


  • You’ve got a new prescription?

If your prescription has changed (get a free eye test if you’re not sure), but you don’t want a new look, we can update your existing frames.

Our retail staff can reglaze your glasses in all of our stores. But before you come by, we advise you to book an eye test so we can check if your prescription needs an update.

If you don’t live nearby, get in touch with our customer services team and, together, we’ll arrange for your frames to be returned to us for reglazing.

Upgrade now to Premium Lenses

Discover our finest lenses yet. Lightweight and ultra-thin with advanced coatings. Premium Lenses include anti-dirt and anti-scratch coatings for effortless care and superior durability. In addition, they defog faster — so you can always count on crisp, clear vision.

Don’t get us wrong — our standard lenses are an absolute treat. But if you are looking for advanced coatings and an ultra-thin lens — you should consider upgrading.

Premium Lenses are required for:

All prescriptions of +/-6.25 dioptres or higher

Discover Premium Lenses

What's the cost?

The price for reglazing depends on the type of lenses you need. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Single vision optical lenses $75

  • Sun lenses without prescription $75

  • Single vision sun lenses $125

  • Varifocal optical lenses $275

  • Varifocal sun lenses $325

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A word of warning

Acetate is a natural product and dries out over time. Older frames can be brittle and there’s a small chance they could break while being reglazed. If this happens, we’ll refund you the price of the lenses, but can only cover the frames if they’re less than two years old. Read our full Product Warranty here.

Our reglazing service is available to customers with Ace & Tate glasses, only. Ace & Tate has the right to refuse the reglazing service (upon its sole discretion) if the frame will not be suitable for reglazing.

Return Policy

In case you are not satisfied with your new lenses, we can provide a refund. Visit our store or contact our Customer Service team to find out how.

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